Prophet Mbonye’s prophecy comes to pass after the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank

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Ugandan prophet Elvis Mbonye is well-known throughout the world for accurately predicting important events before they take place.

Mbonye is a fellowship leader who follows the Lord Jesus Christ, and he receives heavenly inspiration for his prophecies.

Prophet Mbonye foretold two important events in Kampala, Uganda, at his biweekly Tuesday fellowships.

He predicted that the Silicon Valley bank would fail in 2023 on September 13, 2022.

Although his forecast was met with skepticism by many, the bank did in fact suffer a serious financial crisis in the early years of 2023 before it finally failed.

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Even the most ardent doubters have been shocked by how accurate his prophecy was.

The earthquake in Turkey was also predicted by Prophet Mbonye before it occurred.

He announced the approaching catastrophe on November 22, 2022, during his weekly fellowship.

His message, which urged people to exercise caution, was disseminated on social media and by news outlets.

On November 26, 2022, an earthquake struck Turkey, leaving behind severe damage and fatalities.

Many were able to plan and take the necessary precautions to assure their safety thanks to his prophecy’s accuracy.

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Prophet Mbonye’s prophesies have drawn a lot of attention, particularly from the believers who see his gift of prophecy as proof of divine involvement.

His forecasts have assisted in saving lives and giving those who follow his message hope.

In conclusion, Prophet Mbonye’s prophetic voice has forewarned and led people by foreseeing the earthquake in Turkey and the bank crisis in Silicon Valley.

The fulfillment of his prophecies demonstrates how crucial it is to pay attention to prophetic voices, particularly during trying times.

His forecasts have given many people hope and guidance, and his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ has been a guiding light in his career.

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