Qnet agent hangs himself over failed business deal with his colleagues

Rope for suicide

At Oyoko-Koforidua in the Eastern Region, a man believed to be an independent representative of network marketing company Qnet committed himself by hanging himself.

The corpse, whose identity is unknown, was discovered hanging from a tree by locals.

He allegedly relocated to the neighborhood last year to work as a Qnet representative, according to neighbors.

Although the reason for his actions is unknown, it has been determined that there was major confusion at the Qnet office just days before he died.

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The body of the deceased has been taken to the morgue for autopsy, identification, and preservation.

The company, on the other hand, has been accused of scamming tens of thousands of individuals across the country and holding a number of victims hostage.

Hundreds of Ghanaians and some West African countries are at risk of being deceived by agents of network marketing company Qnet Ghana, according to Starrfm.com.gh on March 15, 2021.

In Koforidua, the Eastern Regional capital, a slew of Independent Representatives (IRs) or agents are recruiting people to work as independent representatives using what appear to be misleading business modules.

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A young man identified as Elvis Nelson Ayittey-Manager and Qnet agent explained that in order to register as an Independent Representative, an individual must purchase a form worth at least Ghc100, pay at least Ghc4,200 for an online purchase of a product, and pay an additional Ghc400 hostel fee.

“To join this company, you have to purchase a product before. I hope he mentioned the prices to you. The least priced products are the chi -pendant which is ghc4,200 and the bio-dic is Ghc4,300. There is a way that we can do it for you to secure an account but without getting the product that is paying ghc2,800. The company operates in 184 countries,42 is in Africa so they use one common platform. So, we are going to create international account for you so that you can use to get the product. This business is a form of E-commerce so you can do it to attach any work that you do. If you want to come and stay here add just Ghc400 to the amount to make it ghc4,600 or Ghc4,700”, he said.

“The advertising of the product is not about the number of people that you are going to advertise to. It is a form of teamwork. I started this business 16th of April last year things have changed in my life. I have many people. I have an office at Cape coast. Every week you will get commission. If you get 60 people under you, you will make $5000 every week. So, try and join.so are you going to fill the form. For the money, you can pay in installment. The forms are from GH100 upwards “, the manager was captured on tape

He added that following payment, an online dollar account would be created for the individual to receive commission payments twice daily for referring two or more customers.

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