Truth about Ejisu Queenmother Yaa Asantewaa you probably didn’t know

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An entirely new discussion about Yaa Asantewaa, the mythical Ashanti warrior queen, has been sparked by a tweet from a media house.

This came after a discussion erupted in response to a photo released by the media outlet requesting Ghanaians to identify the woman.

Most Ghanaians have seen an iconic photograph of Yaa Asantewaa, therefore many of them were unaware that it was an inaccurate representation of the woman.

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What Is The Fact About Yaa Asantewaa?

Two photographs are shown in a tweet from the @Ashanti Kingdom that includes a link to a verified Twitter account, @MacJordaN, one of which is the more well-known Yaa Asantewa, and the other of which is a less well-known image of an elderly woman.

The new image, however, bears the phrase “Ohemaa Yaa Asantewaa… Mother of Ejuso who led the Ashanti warriors against the… in 1900” underneath it.

“An American Girl Theatre Arts Student poses as Yaa Asantewaa in a bulletproof war jacket and boots clutching a gun and this photograph has gone all over the world with some people assuming that the picture is real Yaa Asantewaa,” read the caption on the original tweet from @Ashanti Kingdom.

There are undoubtedly still many paradoxes in our collective histories, and if this is any indication, there is a long list.

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After it was discovered that the book had numerous historical inaccuracies, there were already requests for the recall of a textbook that was being sold in the Ghanaian market, along with threats from some Ewe organizations to burn the books.

See some comments below:

@abenamagis wrote: This is Yaa Asantewaa. I hate the fact that we Ghanaians pushed a false narrative for decades. My social studies textbooks have had a student representing Ohemaa Yaa Asantewaa for too long

@ellyszn wrote: A foreign student who came to Ghana for education research got dresses like this, not Yaa Asantewaa pls

@Mrbelgium1 wrote: That’s a white lady who posed as Yaa Asantewaa when she was researching about her. This is never the Original Yaa Asantewaa’s image.

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