Road toll re-introduction will be only electronic with no humans involved – Roads Minister

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Ghana is about to launch a scheme that will automate the collecting of tolls on major roadways without the involvement of people.

Road toll collection after its reintroduction in 2023, according to Minister of Roads Kwesi Amoako Atta, will only be done electronically.

The minister also revealed that when road tolls are reinstated in 2023 following a one-year break, they will be hiked by at least 50%.

When road tolls are implemented in 2023, the government has plans to eliminate the human element from the collection process.

Following the reimplementation, toll collection in Ghana on major highways will only be done electronically, according to Kwesi Amoako-Atta.

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Amoako-Atta claimed that future modern motorways would include cutting-edge electronic tolling systems. He emphasized, “If it needs to come, it will be done electronically.”

In order to help the Ministry of Roads and Highways get funds to improve the roads, he also declared that the new tolls would be higher.

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According to his assertion, current projections indicate that the state will only be able to collect GHC 78 million, which is not sufficient for planned road projects.

“Even 10 kilometers of road cannot be built for that amount of money. The toll we were paying was the lowest in the entire planet.

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We want fantastic and good highways in our nation, meanwhile, we want good things, we must be prepared to pay for more. We will no longer be paying the 50 pesewas and GH¢1,” he said.

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