I was robbed by four guys – Freda Rhymz

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After a long absence, rapper Freda Rhymz returned to the music world just over a month ago.

When discussing the reasons for her break in her song “Questions,” Freda revealed that being robbed left her feeling anxious.

In an interview she gave to Abeiku Santana on the drivetime broadcast of Okay FM on Thursday, April 6, 2023, she revealed some intricate facts about the heist that had many people concerned about her as a result of this revelation and others she made in the song.

We live in a crazy society, I was in my room and they broke into my room, I remember I was in my nightie, they took everything and left with me anxiety,” she said.

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Around 2:30 am on a specific day, four men, according to Freda, barged into her room and stole her Macbook laptop, phones, sound system, television, money, and other things they could get their hands on.

The “Saucy” crooner acknowledged that she was by herself when asked if it was a frightening experience. He claimed that one of the men even grabbed him by the neck as they were robbing her.

However, according to Freda Rhymz, none of the men physically harmed her since she managed to escape the room and start yelling for help.

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