Rumours suggests Christian Atsu was rather in his car when their building collapsed

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Ghanaian skipper Christian Atsu who has been in the news for the past few weeks is still missing and efforts to find him is still ongoing. 

Two assertions have been made in the Turkish media as a result of the failure to locate Christian Atsu in his room.

Two claims concerning where Christian Atsu was prior to the earthquake in Turkey have surfaced as a result of the difficulty to locate him in his room.

According to what his teammate Sam Adekugbe claimed, who claimed to have visited him and left on the same day as the earthquake, he was probably not in his room when it occurred.

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They think Sam Adekugbe didn’t enter his room prior to the earthquake since he drove from his house to his residence at the Renaissance Residence at 3:30 in the morning.

They think it’s likely that he was in his car in the parking lot when the 11-story structure collapsed.

They also think the structure fell through the opening made when it was named.

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