Sakawa boys are helping Ghana more than Politicians – Wanluv

Sakawa boys are helping Ghana more than Politicians - Wanlov

One member of music duo FOKN Bois Wanluv the Kubolor is of the view that fraud boys popularly known as Sakawa boys are helping Ghana more than politicians.

Wanlov admits that Sakawa lads are frequently viewed as criminals. He does note, though, that they obtain resources from the West and use them to support their close-knit families and local communities.

“For me, the most sensible people in Ghana are the Sakawa boys. They are the only people who are helping Ghana or their family or somebody. Yes, they are seen as criminals but they are taking resources that have been generated in the west and they are using it on themselves, their immediate families and their community,” he said.

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He claims that this stands in stark contrast to politicians who, frequently without any intention of paying it back, borrow money from international organisations like the IMF and utilise it for their own gain at the expense of Ghanaian residents.

Wanlov goes on to say that as these debts ultimately fall on the backs of common people, plus interest, making it extremely costly, politicians who indulge in such practises are essentially robbing the people of Ghana.

“But what is more criminal than a politician going to IMF to borrow money that they know they will never pay? They don’t have to pay and they will use it for their own personal things that Ghanaians will come and pay for one day.

“They are not stealing from the west, they are stealing from Ghanaians, because the money that the west will come and take from Ghanaians who owe IMF will be five times more than what these ministers are borrowing”.

“So these ministers are stealing from us by borrowing? Who in Ghana are the Sakawa boys stealing from? They’re not stealing from anybody in Ghana. So the real criminals are these politicians,” he argued.

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