Seven ways to make your partner happy in a relationship (Read till end)

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As we all know, relationship often leads into courtship but it takes only the brave to go this far. Since happiness is concerned.

Below are some of the ways to make your partner happy in a relationship and make in order to make it work out big time;

• Build Trust

To make every relationship work out or prolong for long, trust is always the key source. Once there’s trust, understanding also prevails, making both of you to live together happily aftermath.

• Celebrate Him/Her

Make your partner happy by getting to know him or her and appreciating his or her time.

Find out what makes your boy/girlfriend unique. Celebrate that uniqueness by giving him positive affirmation and verbal applause. On his birthday or when he gets a promotion or achieves a personal victory, you should be there to applaud him and tell him how proud you are of him.

• Active Listening

Listen to him or her when he needs to vent about his bad day. To be an active listener, turn off your cell phone, the television or step away from anything that may draw your attention away from him.

Listen to him without giving advice unless he asks for it. Make your partner happy by becoming his confidante, his sounding wall. Keep his confidences to yourself and resist the urge to share his secrets.

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• Participate(Be Active)

Participate in his or her life by being supportive through your attendance. If he/she asks you on an outing with him, do not bow out at the last minute or refuse him or her. Go with him and participate in the things that are important to him.

• Be Independent

Nobody wants a clingy boy/girlfriend. Display your independence by doing things on your own sometimes.

This attitude helps you too. Support yourself and keep in touch with your friends. It’s never advisable to abandon your independence for your partner, nor would any good boy/girlfriend want you to do that.

Resist the urge to be with him every moment of the day and try to depend on your own source of income even if not fully, then partial.

• Giving out free-wills with trust attached

In some cases, the real proof of your love is trust. Encourage your partner to have some guy time with friends. Guy time could mean a night out for drinks or a bike-riding weekend with his best friends.

Avoid pushing your presence on your boyfriend or becoming jealous. Give him space to think and just hang out; this will make him happy and develop a deeper relationship.

• Demonstrate Your Affection

Some touch is reserved for those in a relationship and demonstrates the special bond between the two people. By holding his or her hand, greeting him or her with an embrace and kiss, and asking him/her about the types of touch he or she prefers, and showing signs of commitment would be a clean language to communicate with your partner on how you care about him or her.

• Declare Your Relationship

While you don’t want to overdo it with declaring your feelings for your partner publicly, you do want to show him that you’re willing to let everyone know that you two are a couple.

Posting to social media with photos of the two of you or posting sweet declarations of your boyfriend being the best boyfriend (or something along those lines) shows him that he’s special to you, even in the realm of social media.

With these tips being applied, be rest assured that your relationship would surely work out and even lead to a successful marriage if only you both are willing to.

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