Shatta Wale exposed for spraying his old Range Rover and presenting it as new at his birthday party

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On Monday, October 17, 2022, Shatta Wale had a lavish birthday celebration.

A lot of stunning, nearly naked women were there at the controversial musician’s private birthday party to delight the guests.

It was also revealed that the award-winning musician received a brand-new Range Rover from the Stunncust Autoworks company at this special birthday celebration.

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Shatta Wale actually repainted his used yellow Range Rover to make it look like a brand-new one, according to a recent development about allegations that he had a new automobile.

This is actually the second time Shatta Wale has sprayed his white Range Rover to make it look like a brand-new vehicle, according to a video that is readily available on social media.

Additionally, the footage posted on social media offered more information on the events. Shatta Wale was given the car on Monday night so that he could pretend he was unaware that it was actually his old yellow-coated Range Rover that had been pimped.

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Stunncust Autoworks had worked on the vehicle and given it a test drive before giving it to him.

Watch the video below:

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