Shocking video of a lady swallowing live snake causes stir on social media

A shocking video of a young lady from Johannesburg, South Africa, putting a live snake in her mouth has surfaced online.

The young woman, who was at a party in Johannesburg, can be seen in the now-famous film putting the live snake’s head confidently all the way down to her throat.

The onlookers started filming the frightening sight because they couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

After some time, he took the live snake off of her, and then he grinned at the camera that was capturing her as if nothing unusual had happened.

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The shocking video, which was posted by famous blogger Musa Khawula, has received a range of responses on social media as people wonder how she managed to pull it off using an allegedly live dangerous snake.

Tweeps are in disbelief at the lengths she went to in order to put a snake head in her mouth.

Some Twitter users were frightened and disgusted by what she did. Critics concurred that the end of the world was in fact near.

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