Shugatiti details why she ventured into selling of s3x toys in new interview

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Shugatiti, an actress and model from Ghana, is experimenting with many businesses.

Shugatiti, who was born Abena Serwaa Frimpong Manso, used to sell lingeries and bikinis before she recently opened a restaurant to earn extra income.

In her most recent interview, Shugatiti discussed her motivation and what led her to sell s3x toys for living.

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Her conclusion was that the s3x toys were moving more quickly than the lingerie and bikini industry, so she stopped.

Shugatiti went on to discuss the advantages of the s3x toys she is currently marketing.

The socialite, who named her new business “Romantic Depot,” claimed that people with high libidos, like herself, find enjoyment in the sex gadgets.

She asserted that doing this would benefit women with strong sex desires and keep them from betraying their spouses.

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Watch the video of her interview below:

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