Shugatiti and King Nasir arrange sex bout; netizens react

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Twitter is ablaze with reactions from hundreds of users in response to King Nasir’s offers to induce Shugatiti‘s first ever orgasm.

The Ghanaian socialite claimed in a tweet that despite her exciting sex adventures with numerous guys, she had never experienced climax. The American adult film star responded to her allegation in a Twitter.

She is said to have an unquenchable sexual appetite and no man has ever been able to make her cum, according to Shugatiti.

When King Nasir saw the post, he invited her to a competition to see whether he would be fortunate enough to provide her with the sexual climax she so desperately wants.

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Shugatiti’s scathing retort warned King Nasir that her superior bedside manner will reveal his vulnerabilities.

She claims that unlike pornstars who follow a script, she is unique and has the power to defeat him.

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Youth in Ghana are interested in watching a sexual encounter between the two due of the two’s keyboard boasting of each other’s prowess.

Although the generation of the twenty-first century may have 99 issues, witnessing two people have sex in public or on film is obviously not one of them.

With almost 7,000 tweets about them, Shuagtiti and Nasir have taken over Ghana’s Twitter area and are currently trending at the top two positions.

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Read some comments from social media below:

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