Side chic accused killing her sugar daddy and his family

Ivy Jacinta
Ivy Jacinta
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A lady is allegedly suspected of poisoning the married man she is seeing, along with his entire family of six, according to a Twitter user.

The side-chick wanted to get married, but the man wouldn’t give in to her demands, so she planned a demonic attack against him and his family, it was reported on the microblogging platform.

According to the narrator, who goes by the name Simonex, the sugar daddy handed the woman a sizeable sum of money as a parting gift because he wanted to discontinue their relationship.

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But because she felt abused and abandoned, she and his personal driver planned to poison the entire family.

The perpetrator allegedly gave the driver N500,000 in exchange for helping her carry out the horrible murder.

“A side chick ended an entire family of 6, simply because the man refuse to take her as a second wife, after receiving huge amount of money as a pay off, this wicked act was achieved through their close driver who helped poisoned their food for just 500k bribe,” he said on social media.

See screenshot of his tweet below:


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