I’ve never slept with any man for money – Kisa Gbekle

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Kisa Gbekle, a Ghanaian actress, has denied rumors that she had sex with guys when she was younger in exchange for money.

This was in response to social media backlash when rumors that she had been having affairs with men for cash started to spread. On August 24, 2023, the actress provided clarification in an interview with Hitz FM.

At the age of 16, according to Kisa Gbekle, she started having sexual relations, although not for financial gain. She continued by saying that her remarks had been misinterpreted.

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She stated; “They made it like I started sleeping with men or sleeping around. The guy was a rich kid, it wasn’t that I was sleeping with men to make money and the guy wasn’t above 18. We were both teenagers. I’ve clarified this lots of times”.

She bemoaned the frequency with which her words are misquoted and misrepresented in the media. She claimed that in order to prevent such circumstances, she has had to cut back on the jokes she tells during interviews.

“I would have a full interview, I would talk about being a manager, having a child, a whole lot of things. But those things are not carried. But something negative will be carried. Sometimes I make jokes but they get carried out. So now I’m beginning to stop joking, I want to be serious now,” she said.

Kisa Gbekle also cleared allegations that she mocked rape victims in one of her interviews. She said that she had no intention of mocking anyone and apologized to all who felt offended.

“My situation was different, I loved it because I was a child, and I didn’t know I was being raped. I can never laugh at anyone who has been raped. I am sorry to any woman who has felt mocked when I said I was raped and I loved it. I was not mocking any woman who has been raped. I was not mocking any woman that has been raped. Please find a place in your heart to forgive me,” she pleaded.

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