Social media users allege guy in Shugatiti’s atopa video is a musician

Ivy Jacinta
Ivy Jacinta
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Millions of Ghanaians have taken notice of Shugatiti, a famous nudist and socialite from Ghana, when she shared and then deleted her own s£x video on Snapchat.

Naturally, Shugatiti, who is also allegedly a s£x worker, recorded herself getting bonked in a canine manner.

Shugatiti can’t deny being in the video because her face and curves are so clearly seen in the quickly spreading video.

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Several Twitter users have claimed that the man who was seriously slicing Shugatiti like his life depended on the interaction is a well-known singer amid the viral nature of the footage.

None of the people who vehemently claim to know the man in the video have given his name, perhaps to prevent any legal disputes after being brought to court.

If the rumors are accurate, I have no doubt that someone would open an anonymous account on one of the social media sites and leak the information.

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