Stay away from men who use blue bulbs and have no chairs – Apostle Suleman

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Apostle Suleman, a well-known Nigerian cleric, has cautioned young women to exercise extreme caution while interacting with men who use blue bulbs and have no chairs in their apartments.

Every time they encounter such males, women should flee for their lives, as directed by the man of God.

Apostle Suleman claimed in a video posted to TikTok that women could tell serial womanisers from from other males by the blue lighting in their apartments and the absence of chairs.

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The pastor claims that those men solely care about having affairs with women and purposefully arrange their living spaces to facilitate these illicit actions.

He stated: “As a sister, avoid that room that has a blue light. Avoid visiting a brother with no chair in his apartment, and his bed is on the ground. That is not a bed; that is a slaughterhouse. How can you visit a person who has no chair? Where will you sit?”

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