Stonebwoy was defending his wife and kids – Ogee


Stonebwoy‘s hype man Ogee has come out to reveal what lead to the musician angrily smashing the phone of his fan.

In our earlier publication we reported that the Bhim Nation president had smashed the phone of one of his fans at the beach and even forced him to delete a video he took of him.

After the video went viral, a lot of people have taken to their social media page to lash out at the musician asking him to work on his anger.

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But Ogee has come out to narrate what transpired leading to Stonebwoy behaving in that manner.

According to him, the musician was just trying to protect his children who were in the car because his fans where banging on the car which scared them.

Ogee added that people are quick to judge because they only saw or heard the story from one side and they are bashing Stonebwoy.

Ogee concluded that Stonebwoy was only acting as a protector for his family, especially his kids and not just attacking the fan for nothing.

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He tweeted: “Lol i don’t even like talking on here but i see what you tryna do and it’s mad funny cos did you know he had kids in the car and they started crying cos they had a panic attack with the way they were banging on the car??? good luck ????”

See the screenshot below:

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