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Stop driving expensive cars – Hammer tell artistes

Ghanaian music producer Hammer of The Last Two, a legend in his field, has counselled other musicians to confront the public and government about their hardships rather than flaunting their money.

He claimed that by doing this, they would be able to attract greater funding and support for the creative sector.


Speaking on JOY FM’s Showbiz A-Z, Hammer claimed that many singers were using other income streams, including forex trading, rather than their music money to purchase cars.

He claimed that this created the misleading appearance that the music business was doing well while, in fact, it was dealing with a number of difficulties.


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“We are not displaying suffering to them. We buy cars with different money. We are flexing. Most people in the creative [music] industry are not buying cars with the music money.


“If you are doing Forex Trading at home and you buy an X Class, and you are pulling up in it and a tax man is looking at you, what are you talking about? We have to speak the truth to power. Let’s show them we are suffering. But we can’t go around shopping at the expensive places, driving the biggest cars and expect them to feel for us,” he said.

While many celebrities flaunt their money for show, he continued, these behaviours have an impact on how the government views them.


“If you want to show that your works are promoting the tourism industry, show it. Prove that you are an up-and-coming artiste and you can’t afford these things,” he noted.

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