There’s nothing wrong about artiste managers sleeping with their artistes – Mr Logic

Many people believe that it is extremely unprofessional for artist managers and artists to engage in any kind of romantic engagement.

The manager of a Ghanaian singer, Emmanuel Barnes, often known as Mr. Logic, claims that there is nothing improper about having sex with the female artists they are in charge of.

Mr. Logic is adamant that managers should not spend a lot of money on their artists in order to help them grow only for their boyfriends to be “sleeping with them and dominating their minds.”

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Speaking out loud, Mr. Logic said: “Male managers should consume the female artists they oversee. How can I invest in a brand while the boyfriend consumes it and also controls the girl?”

To sum it up, he also added that;

It’s so unfair for male managers to invest while some guy, somewhere, would be enjoying what I’m going through all by myself; the partner isn’t making any investments and would much rather be having fun with her,” she said. It’s okay if the manager also consumes some of her food.

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