Tiktoker causes stir as he consumes big bowl of fufu with assorted meat and eggs

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When a video of Nana Mitch and his buddies gathered over a massive pot of fufu appeared online, it sent the internet into a frenzy.

Many people expressed shock and awe at the amount of protein put on the typical Ghanaian dish as soon as the video went viral.

Nana Mitch could be seen in the video sitting proudly in front of the enormous pot of fufu.

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The enormous pile of fufu was more than just a standard dish; many observers thought it was overstuffed with extra toppings including an overabundance of eggs, snails, and beef.

Although they were on the video as well, Nana Mitch’s pals’ faces were hidden.

There was background chatter and laughter that gave the impression that this was a happy gathering.

However, Ghanaians, who are more accustomed to more conventional fufu pairings, were perplexed by the novel mix of fufu and eggs.

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Watch the video below:

Some people thought the inclusion of eggs and the substantial amount of protein was fairly unusual.

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