Tracey Boakye is the one sponsoring her marriage

Ivy Jacinta
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Online rumors about Tracey Boakye‘s impending wedding to her recently revealed fiancé Frank Badu Ntimoah are becoming more focused.

Blogger Ghanafuo ho Nsem has been told by a bird that Tracey is paying for all the pomp and circumstance planned for this wedding because Frank isn’t wealthy.

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The blogger wrote on his Instagram feed about his findings:

“Ive been resistanting the temptation of not making this post but……I know by now most people are still wondering whom Tracy’s husband to be is gonna be. Since most of My friends in Germany already knows it, I can’t keep quiet to it. He is called FRANK BADU NTIMOAH.

A kumawood actor who lives in Bremen/ Hannover. Germany ” If you know, you know” He is the junior brother to “PePe” a movie producer in Germany. (2nd slide in Red Lacost).

Their Mum owns an Afro shop in Bremem (name)…coded..😜 Frank was the reason why Tracy went to Germany with her kids the other time.”

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See the post below:


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