Truth behind Sandra Ababio’s engagement photos finally revealed

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Sandra Ababio, an actress from Ghana, was the subject of an upsurge of rumours and speculation recently over her purported marriage.

Viral images and videos circulating on social media suggested that Sandra Ababio had discreetly tied the knot.

The actress swiftly responded, though, to vehemently refute these accusations and provide the real story behind the pictures that were becoming viral.

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The management of Sandra Ababio explained that the rumours of her marriage are untrue in a statement that was posted online on Monday, October 16, 2023.

It was made quite evident by the remark that there was no real-life engagement or wedding depicted in the viral photos and videos.

The statement went on to say that Sandra Ababio had lately started working on a project that included the aforementioned photos.

It turns out that the project was a video shoot she worked on for the home appliances brand Nasco, for the production company of award-winning media personality Delay.

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On Friday, October 27, 2023, the video—which had up until then been kept a closely guarded secret—was eventually made public online.

The photographs and films that had started the marriage rumours were, in fact, part of a creative effort rather than a real-life engagement or wedding, as the video’s public release verified.

Watch the video below:

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