Veteran Kumawood actress regrets divorcing her husband after she found him cheating(Read till end)

A veteran Kumawood actress, Maame Dorcas has made complains concerning her divorce from her husband after he caught him cheating.

The actress, widely known in showbiz, says she left her husband with whom they had three children over two decades ago.

This, she explained, was after the husband whose name she did not reveal cheated on her and she found out.

“It was his first time and I regret my actions if it was the present day, I wouldn’t have divorced him but I was childish at that time. Even till now, he always tells our children I was the one who returned the drinks and so he was not the one who divorced me,” she narrated in an interview with blogger Zionfelix.

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Following her experience, she has appealed to all ladies to pray and stay in their marriages even if their husbands cheat but come back to apologise.

“I don’t think I will remarry because I tried one and was not successful. We were not together for long but there were a lot of red flags so I backed out,” she said.

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