Video of Brother Sammy grinding Gifty Adorye goes viral

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The footage of Brother Sammy and Empress Gifty acting like worldly people caused the gospel industry to lose focus.

Christian principles are no longer portrayed by the current generation of gospel artists.

The days of gospel musicians dressing nicely and not using cosmetics, artificial hair, or nails are long gone.

In an effort to showcase Ghanaian culture, these gospel performers used to dress in exquisite fabrics created in Ghana.

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Regretfully, there isn’t much of a distinction between gospel and secular musicians.

Since “fashion” is the name of the game, they now dress and appear alike.

When he ground Empress Gifty Adorye, Brother Sammy was portraying precisely this.

She reprimanded him immediately for grinding her from behind, but it didn’t change the reality that their actions weren’t morally right.

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Watch the video below:

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