Whatever you have to do, do it now – Samini advice

Samini happy

Emmanuel Andrews Samini, better known as Samini has shared what he learned from the demise of Sonni Balli, a friend and coworker.

The musician on Hitz FM claimed to have discovered that because tomorrow is not promised, one should begin their plans as soon as they are thought of.

“One thing I have learned from Sonni Balli’s death is that whatever you have to do, do it now. Today we are here, tomorrow we are not,” he said.

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The Dancehall artist talked about Sonni Balli’s funeral and said that he had never seen a funeral that was as crowded as that of his friend and colleague in the industry.

“Sonni Balli’s funeral was packed. I have never seen anything like that in London before, considering it being a weekday.”

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