Wife dumps husband after sponsoring her to Canada


A case of visa marriage has once again surfaced on the internet after a married woman revealed she only agreed to marry her husband because of Canadian visa.

We’ve heard stories of men flying women abroad only for the ladies to dump them upon getting to their destination or dream countries.

It used to be a common practice that Ghanaian and African men in general after relocating abroad tend to work hard to bring their wives to join them to enjoy what is termed as a ‘better life’ in those countries.

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But from the look of things, this is soon going to be a thing of the past since the experiences and testimony from some people are not best.

Daddy Freeze a popular Nigerian OAP, held a live session with his guest who revealed how her friend got stranded in Canada due to the problems from his wife.

According to the guest on the show, the wife of her friend claimed she only agreed to settle down with her husband simply because she got to know he was relocating to Canada and she saw that as the best option to escape Nigeria due to hardship she was experiencing.

“My friend was the one who took her to Canada but few years after they got there, she divorced my friend saying ‘i don’t love you, I only married you because you were going to Canada,” she narrated.

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