Woman storms church of a popular pastor to demand refund after his anointing oil failed to work

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Based on her own experience, a Malawian woman named Lisa has come to the conclusion that the anointing oil that ministers of God dole out to their timid followers has no power.

The fair-skinned woman revealed images of the different “oils” she received from Shepherd Bushiri, a prominent Malawian prophet and motivational speaker, and how she was led to believe they were the answer to all her issues.

Lisa claims she purchased the things from Bushiri in 2016 while still believing in the prophet’s prophecies.

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She then brazenly announced that after finding the deception, she wants all of the money she has squandered on such products repaid to her.

She tweeted: β€Once upon a time (2016)… a fool I was.😒 I want my money πŸ’° back. πŸ˜­πŸ’¦β€

See screenshot of her post below:

Lisa tweet
Lisa tweet


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