Yaa Jackson and boyfriend marry in a secret ceremony

Yaa-Jackson marries

According to newly discovered evidence, Yaa Jackson, a famous actress and artist, and her “rasta” partner were married as of Christmas Eve.

The teenage starlet and her putative boyfriend, who goes by the online handle Nba Manuelgh, have reportedly been dating for just over six years.

But today, December 24, 2022, they made the decision to formally bind their union.

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The young man arrived at Yaa Jackson’s parents’ home for the secret ceremony in the company of other friends and family members, as shown in some videos and photos posted on Yaa Jackson’s Snapchat profile and other social media sites.

In other videos, Yaa Jackson flaunts a ring on her finger that is frequently seen being worn by brides and grooms, indirectly confirming the rumors.

Watch the video below:

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Well, given that some claim Yaa Jackson is already expecting the man, this may just be the knocking ceremony to make whatever the two lovers are doing official between the two families.

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