You live in a rented house but wear a $30k watch – Delay to King Promise

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When singer King Promise appeared on the Delay Show, Delay boxed him as is her style, and she was successful in making him an internet laughingstock.

Despite his success in the music industry, the ‘Oh Yeah’ hitmaker, who is not known for being loud or extravagant, occasionally came out of his shell and began bragging about his expensive jewelry.

Delay, a media personality and entrepreneur, stated in a recent interview that his clothes and accessories cost close to $50,000.

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Delay had already contacted the Grammy winner to explain an earlier viral report that his Bottega shoes cost $1700.

King Promise answered positively and then began bragging about owning more expensive goods.

He claimed that his watch was worth $30K and that his chain was worth $10K.

Delay waited for his response before asking why he hadn’t constructed a home but had instead “spent” money on clothing and accessories until he eventually decided to air his importance.

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Watch the video below:


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