Youth in Nigeria set some banks on fire over shortage of currencies


Due to a lack of the new 200, 500, and 1000 naira notes, some enraged youths have set commercial banks on fire in three different Nigerian cities.

Just a few days before the nation’s general elections, the youth vandalised bank ATMs and blocked certain city streets to vent their rage about cash shortages.

Since the central bank started replacing outdated notes of the local naira currency with new ones, there has been a shortage of physical cash in Nigeria.

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Due to a shortage of the new notes, banks have limited access to cash for withdrawals, and some establishments do not accept old naira, leading to long lines, irate customers, and disruption of operations.

“There were pockets of protest this morning by some aggrieved bank customers. Major roads were blocked while banks, shops and other businesses were shut. The protesters made bonfires of used tires to disrupt traffic and movements”, sources reveal.

Watch the video below;

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Read some comments below;

Baby_perkin; “And now fellow Ghanaians despite everything we are facing can we pause and appreciate the peace we enjoy in Ghana? Considering the number of times we have changed our currency and the transition has always been smooth… even with our ongoing 1cedis from coins to paper. GOD BLESS OUR MOTHER LAND GHANA AND GOD BLESS ALL GHANAIAN”.

Acewig; “I don’t see any point in this, it won’t help anything they are rather making peoples parents jobless because they’ll now have to wait till the bank is rebuilt which might take years or months knowing my country and government will now allocate more money into that project. Violence doesn’t solve anything. This situation in Nigeria is just disheartening”.

Littleann31; “Nigeria ankasa de3, they are suffering more than us ooo. If you’ve printed new notes aa,why dont you let the citizens use the old ones till it is no more in the system??????????”.

Gidovetty; “The system can not oppress the poor forever. The youth are running out of patience day in and day out. This should actually send a security signal to our intelligence unit in Ghana”.

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iamosagyefonuel_ink; “Their leaders are messed up. How can u bring new money and give the country 2 months to change their money while the bank doesn’t want to give the new note out. It does not make sense. At least they should spend the old note together with the new note for six months to 8 months’ time the old money will be out. African leaders soon can’t reason as humans . You change money without any difference just by changing the colour of the note. Non serious people”.

Iddi_nana; “This is a really concerning situation. The youth are running outta patience However , destructive reactions like this is never a good idea”.

Officiallivingstone; “This is all because of these nonsense politicians. Life will be lost for no reason so when is our politicians in Africa going to have sense of feeling for the ordinary citizens”.

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