Being a baby mama is not a bad thing – Yaa Jackson


Yaa Jackson a popular Ghanaian actress cum musician has revealed that she is proud of being a mother knowing very well that some people are not okay with that.

The daughter of the renowned movie producer welcomed her first child early January 2023.

Those she received congratulation messages from fans and well-wishers, others also bashed her for giving birth out of wedlock.

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In an interview, Yaa Jackson disclosed that she is very much aware of what people are saying in town but what she also wants to say is that, there is nothing shameful of her becoming a baby mama.

According to her, it is better to give birth and become a baby mama than to harm the unborn baby by having an abortion.

She continued that others are out there praying and hoping to give birth but are not getting it so people should be happy if others are giving birth.

Should the unfortunate occur and Yaa Jackson’s spouse decline to take on fatherly responsibilities, she is prepared to raise her children alone.

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She replied in the affirmative when asked if she has what it takes to raise a child alone.

The young mother of one stated that she wouldn’t be driven from her relationship with the father of her child by what people are speculating online.

Watch the interview below:

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