Bees destroy marriage ceremony because couple committed an abomination


In a video that is currently going viral online, guests at a wedding in the Nigerian state of Anambra flee for cover as a swarm of bees descends upon them.

The video’s commentary claims that the couple being married chose to have their traditional wedding in Okija on a particular market day despite initial advice to the contrary.

The gods allegedly sent down bees to scatter the nuptials because they continued to hold the event in contempt of the holy day.

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As seen in the video, the attendees screamed in panic and ran in different directions as the bees attacked them in their numbers.

Watch the video below:

Check out some of the comments gathered under the video…

@Ifeomanyi: “I remember a couple In my village that the elders refused to attend their traditional marriage because they were distant cousins and one chief priest cursed them with barrenness….”

@Lone_Wolf1: “What happens when you choose to respect only imported religion then disrespect and disregard your tradition”

@Ella: “This is nice. Why did she fix her marriage on her market day, I am from ihiala town and okija is in ihiala local govt, everyone knows that you ain’t supposed to fix ur marriage on ur market day, this isn’t be for the gram”

@Janefrancis: “Who gave them the date? Before picking a date for your traditional marriage your In-laws would make enquiries before giving them date.. In my hometown we don’t marry on Eke Day.. Respect Tradition”

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