Benedicta Gafah used Juju on me – Husband makes wild allegation


Ghanaian actress Benedicta Gafah few weeks ago tied the knot to her better half whose identity remains unknown. 

On the day of their marriage, it was only video of the actress that went viral on social media with suggestions that the man or groom didn’t attend the event himself.

With just few weeks into the alleged marriage, it has emerged that the ex-husband of the actress has launched an attack on Benedicta Gafah and exposed her big time.

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Well, the actress yesterday February 10th, 2023 shared a post on her instagram handle of a Ghanaian based in Columbus, USA getting arrested for money laundering.

She later shared a post saying she had wanted to post this a long time indicating that when a woman beater is arrested.

The name of the man arrested is Charles Asimadu and funny enough he is the ex husband of Benedicta Gafah. Information gathered suggested that their marriage only lasted for 2 weeks some years ago.

Following this, her ex-husband who isn’t happy with the actions of Benedicta Gafah has also taken to his social media page to expose her and this is damning to the reputation of the actress.

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In a post shared and sighted on social media, he mentioned that he has warned the actress countless times to  stay away from him but seems she doesn’t like peace that is why she is always attacking him.

He explained in the post that he never laid his hands on her but rather it was her intention to get attention on social media which resulted in them going their separate ways.

Charles also in the post asked her some 12 questions with juju taking a center stage in it and also asking if she had edited her HIV/AIDS report to deceive the public.

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See screenshot of the post

Benedicta Gafah post
Benedicta Gafah post

For the sake of people who might be new to this story, below is a video explaining events

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