Black Sherif has replaced Sarkodie as the best rapper – Dr. UN reveals

In response to Black Sherif’s dominance in the music industry, Ghanaian con artist DR. UN claims Sarkodie needs to step up his game because Black Sherif’s arrival into the rap game has caused him to lose the top rank.

Dr. UN, who made this forceful assertion in the Pure FM studios in Kumasi after Sarkodie lost the rap position to Black Sherif, claimed that the Sarkodie Ghanaians knew was no longer the same.

In May 2021, Black Sherif debuted his song “First Sermon,” which helped him gain popularity that year. “Second Sermon” was presented as a follow-up in July.

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Every song to which Black Sherif provides a chorus instantly becomes a hit. Black Sherif continues to win and rule the Ghanaian music business.

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