I’ll only marry a virgin lady from Israel- 71-year-old Nigerian actor, Kenneth Aguba proclaims

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Veteran Nollywood actor Kenneth Aguba, whose life was recently turned around by OPM preacher Chibuzor Chinyere after he spent some time living on the streets, has said he will only wed an Israeli virgin.

Days after Chibuzor, who gave him a residence, pledged to sponsor his wedding and pay the bride’s price if he finds a lady he truly loves and wants to spend the rest of his life with, he made this public as included in a video.

In light of this, the aging actor is ready to wed an Israeli virgin.

In a similar spirit, the actor Kenneth Aguba responded lately to the hot topic of several women battling for him and wanting to be his wife.

The actor was recently given a house by Omega Power Ministries GO after the story went viral that he had been made homeless, which caused the issue to become well-known.

It became a point of dispute between two women who suddenly appeared to declare their desire to marry him after he was also given the responsibility of finding a lady he loves in order to obtain a free wedding to be paid for by the renowned priest.

Anastasia Michael was the first to express her undying love for Aguba and she immediately began firing her shot. She wrote;

I’ve heard that Kenneth Aguba is looking for a wife. Please let him know that Annastasia Micheal Olamma is willing to wed him and is prepared to become Mrs. Aguba.

He will have my undivided love and my best attention.

They ought to visit my community since I am from Enugu State and am 24 years old. Because I am a wife of a thousand yards, I can assist Aguba restore his sanity and I will take excellent care of him and feed him. I am eager to wed my Agubabym.

Then another woman, Ella, spoke forward and made a similar request.

“I’m ready to wed Aguba, a homeless Nollywood actor. I’ve heard that OPM is looking for a wife for Kenneth Aguba, so please, man of God, take me up on my offer to be his wife. I’ll promise to take good care of him, wash his clothes, and cook him a nice meal.

Ella’s intrusion angered Anastasia, who angrily asked her to leave the area.

Leave my husband alone, she pleaded. I was the first to see him, and I am his legal wife.

Ella responded, “He has to decide if he loves me or you.”

The actor responded to this new development by advising the women to prioritize their own personal growth, just as he is doing. He stated his faith that God would guide him to his wife at the appropriate moment.

“My advice to them is to go out and make the most of who they are while I make the most of who I am. God will point for me when the moment is appropriate,” he stated.


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