Lady poisons co-worker to prevent workload

Lady poisons co-worker to prevent workload

It has been alleged that a Chinese woman attempted to end her coworker’s pregnancy by contaminating her water supply in order to keep her from taking maternity leave.

A worker at a government-affiliated institution in Hubei Province allegedly attempted to end a co-worker’s pregnancy by repeatedly poisoning her water in order to avoid the increased workload brought on by her maternity leave.

This is one of the most shocking work-related incidents that have been reported in China.

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The anonymous victim’s friend made a jest that she might be being poisoned by someone at work, so she decided to test the theory by recording everything around her desk on camera with her tablet.

By doing so, she managed to catch one of her co-workers in the act of adding a powder-like substance to her water bottle before hastily turning away and disappearing from view.

When confronted, the suspected poisoner allegedly claimed that she tampered with the victim’s water because she was unable to handle the additional workload on her own after the pregnant woman went on maternity leave, based on screenshots of conversations from WeChat.

Police have already been notified by the victim, and an investigation is in progress.

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No matter what kind of substance the suspect was using, authorities are taking this case very seriously because if it turns out that she was acting with the intent to cause harm, it could be considered a crime of injury.

The peculiar situation gained attention on Chinese social media, where the majority of commenters expressed their surprise at the co-worker’s bizarre response to an impending increase in workload.

“Poisoning someone just because you do not want them to take leave? Has she been watching too many police dramas?” one person commented on WeChat.

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