Lady requests for her £25k from the Church of Pentecost UK

Lady requests for her £25k from the Church of Pentecost UK

The Church of Pentecost has been told by a Ghanaian woman living in the UK not to go through with their plans to deport her until they pay back every penny she has spent on the church.

The lady claims she has contributed at least £25,000 of her money to the church and is therefore free to be kicked out as soon as she receives that money.

All church elders in the UK, according to the irate woman, should receive the message.

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She described how she has devoted her entire life to the Church of Pentecost, offering support in whatever way she can, including financial support.

She did, however, admit that the church had done very little to assist her.

She related how she had once been in an accident and had not received any assistance from the church during her rehabilitation; yet, after she had recovered, she had gone to give a donation in thankfulness.

Despite her commitment, the church says they wish to expel her for an undisclosed reason.

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They should be prepared to deal with her for all of eternity, the lady stated, adding that she is willing to be kicked out but first wants her money back.

Watch the video below:

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