Lady walks on her friends wife being ‘chopped’ by a gym instructor

Lady walks on her friends wife being 'chopped' by a gym instructor

A lady has shared a chilling story of how she appeared on her best friend wife been ‘chopped’ in the gym by a gym instructor.

According to the lady, she grew up in the area with her friend and even attended the same high school together after school they still remained good friends and still continued to stay in the same area.

She continued that about a year ago, this friend of hers married a lady and brought her to stay with him in the area and he has been loyal to his wife since they got married.

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Fast forward, the lady disclosed that she was not feeling one day at work and she noticed that she was gaining more fat so she decided to enrol in a gym so she could reduce the baby fat.

On her way back home, she saw the closest gym was still having their lights even though it was late so quickly went to the gym close enquire about their services and possibly register to be a member.

She explained that upon her arrival she called out for anyone in the gym but no one responded and knocked several times on their front desk but no answer.

She then decided to walk into the gym to see if maybe someone was inside and could her her knocking because it was a big hall with changing rooms for both men and women.

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Upon entering the gym, she saw her friend’s wife been ‘chopped’ by the gym instructor and was moaning heavily she stood there in shock.

When he friends wife saw her, she rushed to dress and came to her pleading she was sorry and they should keep it a secret between them.

Watch the video below:

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