Moyo Lawal loves to record video of herself being ‘chopped’ – Ex-Boyfriend

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Fast rising Nollywood actor Ugochukwu Onyinanya aka MC Ug Future in the wake of the leaked tape by actress Moyo Lawal shared his experience with her.

According to him, he was indeed the boyfriend of the actress for two years and they enjoyed themselves together.

He continued that during their relationship, Moyo loves to always have private video s£x and also loves to do some weird and odd stuffs.

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He further asserted that despite everything the actress did to him he will never betray her or do anything to hurt her despite the fact that the actress has done a lot of things to hurt him.

MC Ug Future concluded that he still has the various ‘atopa’ tapes he recorded while he was in a relationship with the actress.

He posted: “I was not raised to betray people, I dated Moyo Lawal for 2 years 2020 2021, She Love Private Video sex $ a lot of crazy things”

See the screenshot below:

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