My teacher doesn’t know how to do ‘ta-ta-ta’ properly – Student

Ivy Jacinta
Ivy Jacinta
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A startling video of a high school student confessing to having an illicit relationship with her teacher has gone viral on social media.

The girl passionately described her interaction in the teacher’s bedroom, saying that she takes on the role of a teacher during their “bed-matics” because the man is lacking in many respects.

A group of men who were interested in all she was saying, including the “tafribomski” part of their extraordinary journey, which had gone unnoticed for all this time until she herself spilled the beans.

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Really startling is how well-versed in bedroom activities a girl of her age is, as seen by everything she said.

As final-year students began their final examinations this week, social media went crazy with speculation that the girl was one of them.

Watch the video below:

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