People asking for DNA should be ready to pay for it – Mobhad’s wife

People asking for DNA should be ready to pay for it - Mobhad's wife

Mohbad‘s wife has stated her readiness to avail herself for DNA test to be conducted on her son with the late musician but has something for those requesting for it.

According to Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo, she had a conversation with the late singer’s wife identified as Wunmi who revealed that despite her willingness, no one had reached out to her for a DNA test.

She mentioned that Wunmi was aware of the constant pressure on social media calling for a DNA test to be conducted but no one from Mohbad’s family nor their lawyers have gotten in touch with her or her lawyers.

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Iyabo Ojo added that Wunmi in their conversation quested who was going to pay for the DNA test because she had no money to pay for the test.

She, however, went on to say the widow said she was ever ready on any day to have the DNA test done and even requested that for the sake of transparency she would wish the test is done in Nigeria and abroad.

Iyabo Ojo revealed: “I called Wunmi and asked about the DNA, and she said nobody had contacted her about it. Wunmi said she’s not against anyone wanting to do a DNA test, but will she be the one to pay for it? Because she’s not working, she’s just managing and taking care of her son. That the people asking for DNA should pay for it.”

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