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Yaa Jackson has at last spoken out over a number of reports regarding her apparent split with Manuel, the father of her child.

Online rumors regarding the breakup of the two lovers, who just had a baby boy, began after they purportedly both unfollowed one another on Instagram.

On her Instagram profile, Yaa Jackson also posted more content that was purported to be an assault on her baby’s father and other people who had allegedly criticised her for being unattractive.

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Yaa Jackson has released a video to dispel all of these rumours regarding her alleged breakup, saying that they are absolutely untrue.

She claims that the memes she shared, which sparked these rumours of her separation, are something she does for amusement.

The singer of “Ehwe Papa” stated that she occasionally uploads some of these memes without understanding what they are actually saying because she just likes to share them.

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Yaa Jackson added in a funny way that social media had destroyed her marriage to her husband, but that was untrue.

Watch the video below…

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