Pregnant woman arrested after a coffin with human blood was found in her room

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A 27-year-old pregnant woman was detained for having a casket full of human blood in her room. Her husband, who is the rightful owner of the sakawa item, is on the run.

Some household members in Mperhin, a suburb of Offinso, are unable to breathe, according to Angel TV Journalist Bismark Mensa, due to a terrible and disagreeable odor issuing from the chamber of the pregnant woman and her husband. That room was occupied by the woman and her spouse, Kwesi.

The couple was contacted by members of the family who wanted to know what was producing the bad odor in their room.

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Despite the couple’s adamant defiance, their chamber was forcibly entered. A brown coffin, as terrifying as it appeared, was said to be filled with human blood. When the pregnant woman’s husband, Kwesi, sensed danger, he left, abandoning his wife.

To prevent the pregnant woman from being attacked or lynched, the Ghana Police Service was promptly dispatched.

She was arrested and taken to the Offinso Police Station for questioning.

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More information regarding how the couple obtained such a big volume of human blood and stored it in a coffin will be revealed as part of the investigation.

As the story unfolded, it became evident that the wanted suspect (Kwesi) is a self-described money ritualist.

Under the garb of a powerful spiritualist, he appears on a number of private television stations.

Meanwhile, he’s accused of duping his victims. His most recent meeting with a well-known individual (name withheld) in the Offinso area was the subject of his most recent report.

Under the pretence of money doubling and granting him power over evil spirits, Kwesi defrauded him of 7000 Ghana cedis.


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