Shugatiti reports King Nasir to the Ghana Police Service

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Ghanaian socialite Shugatiti has disclosed that she has reported American ponostar King Nasir to the Police CID.

According to Shugatiti, the need to report King Nasir to the Police was as a result of what he was doing without seeking her approval or consent.

Shugatiti during a new interview mentioned that after King Nazir’s tweet went viral, he took to his handle to announce to his fans he was soliciting for funds so he could stream his atopa-match with her live for fans.

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She continued that some people started sending monies to support King Nasir.

The socialite continued all these move by King Nazir were done by himself and she no way played a role in all those things.

So to save herself, she reported the matter to the police so they can be aware of what was happening and also wanted them to place an embargo on him for such act.

She said: “He was raising about $10,000 without my knowledge so I lodge a complaint to a CID official. I asked if there is a way to put an embargo on him because he was doing things without my consent.

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He didn’t seek my consent for the fundraising. He only posted my name, asking people to send him money if they want the bout to happen. And people were actually paying the money to him. He got some money out of this.” 

Watch the video below:

Readers are fully aware that the American star after coming across an interview of Shugatiti saying she has never cUm during $ex volunteered to make her reach orga$m.

This started an online debate as to who was going to emerge as the winner after the bout but from the recent interview from Shugatiti, that’s not going to happen.

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