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Stop planning to leave Ghana - Netizen advice on social media

Stop planning to leave Ghana – Netizen advices on social media

A social media user has advised Ghanaian youth planning to travel outside the country to rescind their decision and stay back home.

In recent times, there has been the urge for citizens especially the youth to travel out of the country for greener pastures.


But this netizen, who seems to have traveled out of the country shared her experience saying that it’s lonely out there.

She posted: “Stop planning to leave Ghana, it’s lonely out there.”


See screenshot of her post below:

Twitter advice
Twitter advice

After her post some followers on Twitter shared their opinion with some saying its better to be out there and lonely than stay in Ghana to suffer.


Others who have also managed to travel out of the country also shared their view about the tweet.

Read the comments below:


@Brightseglah: “I know people wouldn’t understand this but it’s true”

@ajewunarh76: “Yeah bro. I have hold up at home for almost 3 days because of snow. Meanwhile man is single and alone. I watch all the tv shows you can think”


@justicemensahbo: “And who told u we want to go and make friends over there 😀”

@ICuteguy: “Hmm from work to the house, from house to work. No chilling, no hanging out with friends. Not like home🇬🇭”


@official_gavnah: “Bro being in Ghana is the same shit..we all living same”

@GhanaTimoWerner: “Replying to @Shakewaa12We want to be lonely and rich we go masturbate 😂”

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