Veep Bawumia and Samira have allegedly broken up – Blogger reveals

Veep Bawumia and Samira have allegedly broken up - Blogger reveals

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) from various reports are struggling to keep the party in order following the cracks in the party and also the break away by one of their founding fathers Alan Kyeremanten aka Alan Cash.

As many believe the crack is just within the party, faceless Instagram blogger Thosecalledcelebs has revealed that Vice President Bawumia has allegedly broken up with his wife.

According to the blogger, the Vice President is not able to take care of his house but wants to be handed a country which he has already placed in a mess with his boss President Nana Akufo Addo.

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The blogger continued that the NPP party has disappointed Ghanaians especially the youth adding that at first he fell for their excuse that Covid was the cause of their poor output but that has change as he/she believes the party is just filled with greedy people.

On the case of Dr Bawumia and his wife, the blogger revealed that they have broken up long time ago but were just faking that everything is well on social media to deceive people.

Read the full post below:

“Even your celebrities know this…. they have regretted BIG time but voicing out has been a problem for them all…but since nobody holds my tail…i didn’t allowed myself to be bought nti…this is the reason…i can say my mind on all the PARTIES. From NPP to NDC and others. NPP has disappointed the youth BIG TIME…. first, i thought it was covid , so we should give them the benefit of the doubt…. i didn’t know they were gr£edy and s£lfish to that level oooo…. tho i knew they were s£lfish but na me nnim s33 3tra so saaa…. cuz of gr£ed….see division in the party. If it’s not gr£ediness ….anka Bawmia wouldn’t even think of contesting against Alan cash da!! Do u people think we are $ick in the brain?? Even as a vice president….you couldn’t do any better thing….we should give u more years to come and st£*al more abi? You couldn’t protect ur home and marriage… is Ghana u can protect abi….come out an tell Ghanaians the truth that…allegedly…you and wife marriage is only for social media…you have brok£n up for a very long time. Apparently…your wife first child issa ” Special child ” and she is the one taking care of…. you are not married to her again for years….

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If you can hire Afiashwar to come and disrespect Alan for no tangible reason….remember i have most of you on my pen drive or whatever oooo…. you are doing ur thing and Samira too is doing her thing na….that’s your private lives…A father couldn’t protect a home …..the whole country u think u can control abi? More years to st£al more abi. You failed as a husband. Public marriage no be home marriage oo.”

See screenshot of the post below:

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