Bolt driver drops lady from his car for smelling too bad

Ivy Jacinta
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A Bolt driver named @virginbishop has posted a video of his interaction with a female passenger that he said smelled bad.

The driver expressed his worry in the video and questioned her about whether she had anything on her person that was causing the stench.

When she asked whether she was carrying anything that smelled bad, the woman said she wasn’t.

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The driver continued and told the woman directly that it might be her body odor, but she refused to accept that.

A female passenger accused the Bolt driver of having body odor and tackled him for it, all the while bragging that she can’t afford the perfume she wears.

He refused to stop filming her even though she tried to stop him. If she reported him to Bolt, he said the video would be used as proof.

The woman was told to exit the car by him.

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Watch the video below:

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