Don’t return if you get the chance to travel outside Ghana – Captain Planet

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Rapper Captain Planet believes that politicians don’t care about Ghana’s youth, so he has urged them to lose any sense of patriotism.

He also counselled them to seize any opportunity to leave the country and pursue better prospects abroad, never to return to a place devoid of politicians who only care about enriching themselves and their families.

According to the former member of the now-defunct 4×4 music trio, Ghanaian politicians ought to “act fast” since they are allegedly accumulating wealth overseas at the expense of the populace.

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He shared this provocative, if divisive, message on X (previously Twitter): “If you’re fortunate enough to leave this country please don’t come back. These leaders are only acquiring properties for their families & they don’t give a shit about you. Don’t die for this country in the name of being patriotic. Your future is not secured here . BE WISE”

See his post below:

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