Pastor caught on video inserting his fingers into lady’s toto

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A pastor from eastern Africa has become the talk of social media thanks to his unique deliverance experience.

A pastor is seen freeing a married woman from the spirit of infertility in a widely shared video.

According to commentary on the video, the woman has been married for 15 years, but she hasn’t given birth, and this has strained her marriage.

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The pastor put his fingers inside the married woman’s V during the deliverance session.

The married woman, in a desperate attempt to find a miracle, turned to spiritual guidance in the past.

The woman was in a desperate situation, so the purported end-time pastor decided to gently abuse her sexually.

Since being posted on Twitter by @danielmarven, the video has amassed over 1 million views on the social media network alone.

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Numerous opinions have been expressed on social media, with some calling for the pastor’s arrest.

Watch the video below:

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