Man divorces wife because he saw her cheating in a dream

Ivy Jacinta
Ivy Jacinta
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A Ghanaian man has done the unthinkable after he divorced his wife because of a dream he had one-time.

According to the man during a live radio programme, he has been married to his wife for sometime now and they had been living happily.

He continued that, he travelled out of town and had a dream that his wife was having an extra marital affair with a different man.

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When questioned by the host if he had ever seen his wife ever cheating on him while they were together all their years as husband and wife.

The man responded that he has never seen her but she has been caught twice for cheating on him.

Explaining that, the man disclosed that one time one of their children told him that their teacher told their mother that he would be coming to visit her at home therefore he believes the teacher also had an affair with the teacher.

Watch the video below:

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